Rules & Regulation

   Come to school in proper uniform.

   Wear your uniform like a gentleman.

   Keep your school campus neat and clean. Throw waste in DUSTBINS only.

   Participate wholeheartedly in all school activities.

   Switch off fans and lights when not in use. Close taps after use. Never damage school property. Damage done even by chance, should be reported at once.

   Play safe games. Don't hurt others while playing.

   After the school is over do not loiter around, go home straight.

   Never cheat, steal, tell a lie or be unfair.

   Bring only the books and copies prescribed by the school. Never bring any magazines or other books and guides to school.

   Never bring any valuables or money to the school. If lost the school is not responsible.

   Don't wear fancy watches, clips and bands either on wrist or hair. Cut your hair neatly. Stylish hair cut is not allowed in school.

   Wear only properly stitched uniform. Don't wear low waist pants and very short skirts.

   Never bring mobile phones or any other such gadgets to school. If brought, it will be confiscated.

   Do not come to school in Motor Bikes and without learner's licence in scooter

   Keep your bicycles properly locked.


   The school fee is to be paid once in three months.The fee has to be submitted latest by 10 th day of the due month.

   The parents should not wait for reminders to pay the fee. Please pay it regularly.

   Please note that on the non-payment of fee, the name of the child is liable to be struck off from the school rolls.


   Any student leaving the school must inform the school authorities in advance in writing and get the required school leaving certificate at that time.

   Fees once paid is non-refundable.

   The withdrawal of the child is not permitted during an academic session. If, however, a student is to be withdrawn during an academic session, a prior intimation of one month has to be given to the school authorities.


   The child should be found ready near the gate/pickup point, when the school conveyance reaches.

   The drivers are instructed not to wait for any child as it may cause delay to their children.

   The amount of the transport charge is decided according to the distance of the localities

   Any price hike in the transport charges will be informed to the parents by the school authority, well before hand.

Code Of Conduct

   Wish your teachers with respect.

   Always observe good manners.

   Always talk politely with everyone.

   Always speak in English inside the school campus.

   Don't use bad language at any one and hurt others feelings.

   Do not play in the classrooms and corridors.

   Treat your school mates and teachers with love and respect.


   Students will not be allowed to appear in any Examination unless all the dues are paid.

   Every month the fee need to be paid before the 20th of the month not after the month is over.

   Absence without leave application is seriously viewed and in case of 10 consecutive absence, the name of the pupil shall be struck off the Register. New admission will have to be taken for attending classes.

   On holidays, the school bus will not be available even if there are special classes.

   Students should come to school in school uniform only, even for special classes.